About us

The founder of Triguna Body Art is Gábor Zagyvai, a body modification practicioner since 2005. The purpose behind Triguna, is to satisfy the individuals who want unique markings to their bodies. Prepared crew, clean and safe environment, custom and personalized designs to perfectly match the client’s body.

Piercing is also a possibility with steril method and quality body jewelry, and if you are a body modification enthusiast you are more than welcome – Gábor Zagyvai will help you to achieve your dreams within this field!

Our mission is to have our clients 100% satisfied with their “new” body, and this transformation be in a high-standard and steril studio, by the hands of qualified professionals!





How can I get an appointment for a tattoo?

The best way is to come to our shop at József körút 19. We can discuss your ideas in person and by leaving a deposit (usually 10.000 huf) you can book your appointment for a tattoo. If you are from abroad please contact us and make your appointment at trigunabodyart@gmail.com

Usually how long is the waiting list for a tattoo or a piercing?

It depends on how busy the artist of your choosing is. It can be anywhere from 1-2 weeks to a couple of months. Sometimes it’s possible to get the work done the same day it pops into your head; try calling +36/30-341-79-15.


In case of piercings we can normally get it done within two days, please use the same phone number to make inquiries!

Do you do custom tattoos?

Of course! We always encourage our clients to choose something unique. We believe that true body art lies within the endless possibilities we can create. There are several artists working at Triguna Body Art so you can choose the one whose style fits you best.

We are striving to make personalized and unique tattooes that you aren’t going to see someone else wearing!

Why choose you? In what ways is Triguna different from other shops?

First of all; we are not trying to convince you to come here. It’s always best to take a good look at an artist’s portfolio first so you don’t regret having your tattoo made later. The second most important thing for us (besides art of course) is hygiene. We guarantee safety through abiding by the rules of a standardized approach to hygiene designed by the owner, Gábor Zagyvai. We believe in attending to our clients’ individual needs to make sure we fulfill their wishes to a maximum.

The studio is calm, clean and of high standards located in the heart of Budapest!